Our Benefits

We operate heavy equipment but our employees are the ones who make us successful. Without our talented and committed team members, all of that equipment is just iron. We continuously work to provide the most comprehensive, flexible, and competitive benefits in the market to our employees.   

Competitive compensation

We offer competitive wages and salaries.

Medical, dental and vision coverage

Not all employees have the same healthcare and benefit needs. We provide a number of coverage plans that allow you to select, from a variety of options, the level and type of coverage you and your family require.

Life and disability insurance coverage

Life can be stressful due to unexpected events. Pioneer offers several insurance coverage plans for additional protection that can help mitigate the stress and burden of such events:

  • Employee Basic Life insurance and
  • Supplemental Life insurance for employees and their family members
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance
  • Short-term Disability coverage
  • Long-term Disability coverage

Life Assistance Program (LAP)

LAP is a no-cost service available 24/7 to our employees and their household dependents. The program provides confidential, professional counseling to assist with substance abuse, grief and loss, family communication, managing stress and depression, parenting, senior and child care, and more. You can also receive a free 30-minute legal consultation and up to 25% off on some legal fees.

Wellness Programs

Taking care of your health is not limited to doctor’s office visits and prescription medication. When our employees have health-related questions or just need some advice, they have access to experienced registered nurses through a 24/7 Nurseline. We also offer various online tools to help you achieve and maintain your wellness goals. For families who are expecting a new addition, we offer a Special Beginnings program to relieve the stress and worries of pregnancy and provide answers to many of the questions you may have.


We want to ensure that all the hard work and achievements of our employees pay off — and that means your retirement should be as stress-free and financially secure as possible. Pioneer offers both regular 401(k) and Roth 401(k) plans and a competitive 401(k) match to supplement employees’ savings.