It Can Wait

No text is worth dying for. That’s why Pioneer is joining AT&T to help save lives through It Can Wait, the national movement to end texting and driving. Our goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving among Pioneer employees and their family members, save lives, and make texting and driving as unacceptable as drinking and driving.

Take the Pledge and Dedicate It To Your Loved Ones

By taking a pledge you make a commitment to protect lives by never texting or talking on the phone while driving. Be a good passenger and speak out if the driver in your car is distracted. Encourage your friends and family to drive phone-free.

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Hammer Home the Message

Show your loved ones “The Last Text” – an AT&T documentary that features stories of real victims whose lives were altered or even ended by texting behind the wheel.

Curb the Urge

Utilize mobile apps like AT&T DriveMode, TextLimit to autoreply message to incoming text messages.

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No Text Is Worth Dying For

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Don’t Text and Drive

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