On October 4, 2021, Patterson-UTI announced that it has closed its previously announced acquisition of Pioneer Energy Services Corp. Please visit www.patenergy.com for more information.

Drilling Services

Pioneer Energy Services provides safe, effective and efficient drilling services throughout major onshore fields in the United States and in Colombia. Three factors distinguish Pioneer:

  • Safe, high-quality drilling operations
  • Modern, well-maintained fleet
  • Experienced, reliable crews

Safe, High-Quality Drilling Operations

We deliver the wellsite safety you expect and the productive drilling days your bottom line requires. Communication throughout the project is the starting place for both.

Long-time clients recognize that Pioneer can maximize their wells’ success through early and ongoing collaboration. From drilling crews to the president of Drilling Services, we use our experience — as requested — to help streamline operations, reduce your drilling costs and shrink our time on site. We take personal responsibility for ensuring maximum safety and minimum non-productive time on your well.

Smart, efficient processes underscore our commitment to responding quickly and making drilling operations run smoothly. A robust preventive maintenance program on our rigs is one example of how we accomplish that. Another is daily electronic reports on each project. Yet another is sharing information daily across our divisions and geographic regions to alert us to any rig or equipment issues that could affect your project.

Modern, Well-Maintained Fleet

Pioneer’s drilling rig fleet is well-suited to horizontal oil and gas shale plays and conventional vertical drilling.

Our new-build AC electric rigs combine advanced features that help you drill safely and efficiently. Highlights include:

  • 2,000HP mud pumps with 7,500 psi circulating systems
  • Walking systems
  • Crane-free rig up and rig down
  • Enhanced BOP handling system

As more operators move to pad drilling, these advanced features offer numerous advantages. Walking systems provide more flexibility than skidding systems in moving the rig around existing aboveground wellheads. They also enable fewer loads. Crane-free capabilities support faster rig-up and rig-down. The enhanced BOP handling system with a test stump — a better solution than conventional BOP handlers — is safer and easier for crews.

Experienced, Reliable Crews

Well after well, clients tell us we have the best-performing crews in the industry. The tangible evidence of their high performance: safer operations and maximum productive time at your wellsite.

Pioneer attracts and retains high-quality employees with our new equipment, safety record and caring culture. We believe we hire smarter, train better and provide the supportive working environment and incentives that employees value.  We achieve consistency in operations by providing leadership training, mentoring for success training, and team building with our employees and operators whenever we introduce a newbuild rig to our fleet or one of our existing rigs move to a new area or starts working for a new operator.

Other factors that contribute to the quality of Pioneer drilling crews include:

  • High hiring standards – people want to work here and they recommend their friends
  • Hair follicle testing for more in-depth information
  • New-hire training orientation
  • Employee training courses
    • SafeLand (PEC Core Compliance)
    • IADC Rig Pass accredited training
    • Well Control
    • Behavioral-based training and team building
    • LiveSafe
  • Experienced supervisors who know and care about their crews
  • Extremely competitive pay and benefits, with enhanced pay for longevity
  • Drilling rigs equipped with winterization systems that benefit employees and drilling operations in cold weather