Wireline Services

Experienced wireline service crews with local expertise use the latest wireline tools to help you achieve maximum lifetime production from your well. For both cased-hole and open-hole services Pioneer provides responsive personal service and a collaborative approach.

In 2012, Pioneer’s regionally based wireline companies consolidated under the Pioneer Energy Services name. Best practices from these companies and the extensive experience of our wireline supervisors are just two reasons that clients value Pioneer’s help.*


Open-Hole Services

  • Formation analysis
  • Resistivity
  • Porosity
  • Acoustic
  • Temperature

Cased-Hole Services

  • Logging
  • Slickline/Braided line 
  • Pipe recovery
  • Stuck-pipe logging
  • Mechanical services
  • Perforating
  • Tubing conveyed perforating (TCP)

We offer radial and standard cement bond logging with gamma ray neutron, pulsed neutron and high-resolution/imaging casing calipers. Services include best-in-class horizontal pump down/plug and shoot work. We offer advanced capabilities in downhole data collection, with fully digital open-hole and slim-hole logging. Cased-hole services — for vertical and horizontal wells — include pump down, tubing conveyance, coiled tubing and tractor conveyance.

Pioneer Advantages


  • Operations in most major U.S. natural gas and oil producing regions
  • Experienced wireline crews with expertise in your basin
  • Ability to support horizontal/vertical, oil/gas, high-pressure wells in all kinds of climates
  • One of industry’s best safety records
  • Strong safety culture backed by ongoing safety training and mentoring program
  • Strong regional technical support
  • Low employee turnover (8% annually)


  • One of the newest and most technically advanced fleets of land and offshore logging units in the United States, including one of the industry’s newest assemblages of pressure control gear and cranes
  • Units equipped with a minimum of two sets of tools for maximum efficiency and dependability at your wellsite, eliminating expensive downtime
  • Open-hole logging units equipped to transmit data via satellite from the wellsite for providing real-time information
  • FastMast units with built-in mast for open-and cased-hole logging where a drilling or workover rig is not available
  • Ability to run 30,000 feet of wireline
  • Skid-mounted wireline units offshore Louisiana for flexible downhole services, data acquisition safety and quality performance

* Heritage companies include Pioneer Wireline (Texas), Penkota Wireline (North Dakota), Competition Wireline (Montana, Wyoming) Log-Tech (Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado), Rocky Mountain (Colorado) and Phoenix Surveys (Utah, Wyoming).